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What is Acamp?

Acamp is a service where we make it easy to search, find and book a place to camp. We also make it easy for landowners interested in making an extra income by renting out a place to camp for the growing campsite market. You might already be a business owner who now also can provide a place to camp for your customers - or you might own a piece of amazing land that you know would be popular with campers!

How do I pause or deactivate my listing?

We understand that you may sometimes need to take a break. You can deactivate your listing at any time and reactivate it again when you feel ready.

This can be done as follows:

  • Go to your host panel
  • click on “Ad” in the top menu
  • Under Listing status in the left-hand menu, select inactive instead of active from the drop-down menu

When you want to reactivate the listing, simply repeat the process in reverse order and the listing will once more be shown across all our platforms.

How do I refund a camping guest?

Situations may arise in which you need to make a refund to a camping guest. Here's how:

  • Go to your Host Dashboard
  • click on Bookings in the top menu and, if necessary, filter by Completed to find the booking in question.
  • When you have found the booking, click View details
  • Go to your Host Dashboard
  • You can find the refund button below the contact information on the left - click on it and follow the instructions from Stripe

Remember that Acamp's service fee is added to all bookings and is proportionate to the cost of the booking. Campers can see this fee on the booking page and this is not refundable by you as a Host.

How do I change the weekend price?
  • Go to your Host Dashboard - click on Listing in the top menu.
  • Select Price from the menu on the left *Go to the second card, called: Weekend, enter the new price in the input field

and the new weekend price will be applied to all upcoming weekend bookings and will apply to overnight stays between Friday and Sunday.

Can I trust Acamp to manage my earnings?

Of course. Acamp does not save your credit/debit card details. Instead, we rely on the third-party payment processor Stripe to manage payments on our behalf. Stripe manages payments for some of the largest companies in the world, including Spotify, Amazon, Expedia ... and now also Acamp.

Acamp instructs Stripe to transfer the total amount for your bookings seven days after your campers' visit to avoid any unnecessary bank charges. We work continuously to support as many payment options as possible and will keep you updated on this work.

How do I know that I have a booking?

Campers find your listing, book and pay directly via the app or website. You receive a booking confirmation via e-mail, as well as a notification in the app containing information about the guest's stay. Of course, the booking is also added to your Host Dashboard and can be found in Bookings page.

We have recently launched and more features will soon be available, such as SMS booking confirmations. We would love to hear your thoughts and views.

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