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Acamp Spark

Become part of the Sparks network and start accepting bookings from hundreds of thousands of campers.

340 000

Number of bookings

26 000 000

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100 000


Increase your income with Northern Europe's leading online campsite distribution network

Acamp and the Ställplatsapp are the camper's first choice for finding a place to camp in the Nordics. With Spark, you become visible on our camping platforms, which leads to more guests and an increased occupancy rate.


Acamp was created for campers seeking experiences beyond the traditional. Acamp makes your campsite visible to adventurous campers around Europe. Everything from advertising to marketing and bookings is handled easily via one platform.


One of Europe's leading camping apps with a large community of dedicated users. The pitch app further strengthens your visibility - regardless of whether you use our full-scale booking system or not.

Increased visibility

Booking management

System independent

More bookings

How Spark works


Reservations on request

Add a button for booking requests in both the Ställplatsapp and on Acamp. Receive daily email alerts with reservation requests from campers.

Pay only for the requests you choose to see - perfect for those who do not have their own booking system.

18 kr

per displayed booking request

Spark Direkt

Reservations on request

Add a booking button in both the Ställplatsapp and on Acamp. We connect it to your booking page, which means you get more bookings directly to your existing system.

Only pay a fixed price per month - perfect for you who run a larger business with your own booking system.

From 149 kr

per month

Ready to boost your bookings?

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A new start for a better experience

During 2024, we are rebuilding the Ställplatsapp and Acamp. We are adding new and removing some features for a better experience for everyone.

Booking requests: Receive booking requests directly from the app and website.
Bookings: Link to your own booking page and get bookings quickly and easily.
Verified location: Get a verification badge and show that your location is genuine.
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